Areas of Practice

The People's Corner Law Office has extensive experienced in and can help with your family law, civil litigation, wills/ estate, and real estate matters.

We also provide notary and commissioner services – for your important legal documents.


    We can help you:

  • Understand the law and protect your legal rights;
  • Prepare and file court materials for:
    • Custody/ child support;
    • Separation /divorce;
    • Child & spousal support;
    • Property division;
    • Separation/ cohabitation agreements/ pre–nuptial agreements;
    • Guardianship & child protection (or CFS) matters.
  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of your case


    We can help you:

  • Advance/ defend civil proceedings relating to: wills & estates, unpaid accounts, injury cases, and breach of contract cases;
  • Prepare and file court materials;
  • Understand the applicable law;
  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of your case.

& Estates

    We can help you:

  • Prepare effective wills, power of attorney & health care directives;
  • Secure probate;
  • Administer estates;
  • Advance/ defend will challenges;
  • Apply for survivor benefits/ rights against an estate;
  • Ensure accountability of attorneys, executors/ administrators, and trustees;
  • Apply for committeeship;
  • Understand the applicable law;
  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of your case.


    We can help you:

  • Buy or sell properties;
  • Refinance or (re)mortgage property;
  • Transfer ownership, including adding new spouses to title;
  • Register Homestead Rights;
  • Transfer titles upon death of a family member.

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