Fee Options

The People's Corner Law Office offers a wide range of legal services and variety of fee options to meet every budget.

Our team provides as much or as little legal assistance as you need - from limited advice on specific issue and opinions to traditional, hourly rate legal representation.

Where do I start with my legal issue?

Retaining a lawyer is a very important decision. When you hire a lawyer you need to clearly understand what your lawyer will be doing for you, the associated costs, how billing works, and how you will be updated about your matter. You need to have confidence in your lawyer and should take the time to ensure that you can work with and trust your lawyer to protect your interests.

Not everyone wants or needs immediate legal advice from a lawyer. When faced with a legal issue, most people require basic information about the law, their rights, the court system, and where to start. Quite often the basic information you need can be obtained more economically than by paying a lawyer. If basic information is all you require, you may wish to meet with our experienced paralegal. Alternatively, you may wish to explore the legal resources available through our legal information and training company, The People’s Corner Legal Options, at our website www.peoplescorneroptions.ca or by calling (204)806-9998.

How do initial consultations work?

At The People’s Corner Law Office is always invested in both your case and your outcome.

The purpose of an initial consultation with our firm is:

  1. To discuss your legal issues, your situation, and your rights;
  2. For you to learn more about our firm and determine if we can meet your needs;
  3. To set out a plan for your case, what we can do for you, and your fee options.

At The People’s Corner Law Office, all inquiries about legal services are handled by our receptionist or our paralegal, who will ask some basic questions about your matter to determine how we can best help you. If you are seeking general information about the law, your rights, and court, our student or our paralegal may able to assist you. If you are looking for legal advice on your specific matter, you will need to meet with one of our lawyers.


Why do we charge for initial consultations? While we like to help people, in order for us do a thorough job and provide you with reliable legal advice, we need to spend time with you to ensure that we understand and have all relevant information about your case. Your legal issues are too important to chance on getting incomplete or inappropriate advice. We believe you truly do get what you pay for.

Initial consultations are scheduled for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Consultations are booked with a designated team member and paid for in advance, before the start of your appointment. Our lawyer's rates range from $125.00 to $350.00 per hour, our paralegal rate is $100.00 per hour, and consultations with our student or other staff have a starting per hour rate of $20.00.

What fee options are available to me?

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1. Traditional Hourly Rate

We offer traditional, legal representation where, for an hourly fee, we take charge of your legal matter. Our lawyers have a variety of legal experience and hourly rates that reflect this. The more experienced the lawyer, the higher the hourly rate. Our lawyer rates range from $125.00 to $350.00 per hour.

Before we start work on your file, we require a retainer from you. The retainer amount will depend upon what we are doing for you and the complexity of your matter. Although we will set out a plan for your matter, we are not able to predict or guarantee outcomes. As such, your plan may evolve and your legal bill may reflect this unpredictability. We issue regular bills as your matter progresses so you are aware of how your money is being spent, and once the retainer is depleted, a further retainer is required before work on your matter continues. We always keep you informed of all developments and provide you with copies of all relevant file materials. We also require a credit card on file for arranged billing purposes, unless otherwise arranged.

2. Limited Scope Retainer

Limited scope retainers are available on a case by case basis and may not be best suited for everyone. A limited scope retainer means that our firm is only representing you with a specific task or issue. This means that we are only acting for you on the agreed upon issue and not on all aspects of your case.

Limited scope retainers may be a helpful option if you have limited funds and only want legal help on a specific issue. This option allows you to pay for as much or as little legal help as you need. Importantly however, legal advice that is too little or too late may not be enough to “save” or “rehabilitate” your case.

The fees payable under a limited scope retainer arrangement will vary and are based upon your case and needs, and can only be determined once we have a thorough understanding of your matter. Our retainer letter sets out what we are doing for you and our fees. Communications to the opposing party and court will make it abundantly clear that we are only retained for a limited purpose and cannot deal with any other matters.

Limited scope retainers will need to be paid in full, in advance of our commencing any work on your matter.

*Due to client conflict considerations, we reserve the right to decline to provide services.

3. Bundled / Block Fees

For certain types of matters we will provide you with a quote for legal fees before we start. Block fees are available for certain specific tasks, such as the preparation of a Cohabitation or Pre-Nuptial Agreement. Bundled fees are available for a number of related tasks, such as in the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives.

Bundled / block fees ensure that you know the amount you will pay in legal fees before we start working on your file. While these set fees may ultimately turn out to be too high or too low for your individual case, these options provide the certainty of knowing how much your legal case is going to cost.

Our set fees are based upon years of extensive legal experience and are both reasonable and fair. Our bundled / block fee arrangements clearly set out what is and what is not covered, and that the extension of such services is premised upon you following and adhering to the legal advice of our firm. When or if you fail to follow the legal advice of our firm, our obligation to provide legal services to you will be at an end and the matter of our continuing to represent you will be revisited. Bundled / block legal fees do not include any disbursements or out of pocket costs such as: registration or filing fees, assessments, examinations, postage, photocopying etc.

Bundled / block fees offer predictability.

For more information about block fees contact our office.

4. Legal Opinions

Getting a legal opinion before starting or proceeding with a legal matter can save you considerable emotional and financial costs.

However, a legal opinion on the likely success of claims, the application of the law, and interpretation of a will, contract, or other document, can only be provided by a lawyer after consideration of all relevant facts in your case.

A legal opinion can be either informal / verbal, or written and highly detailed including a summary of relevant case law and materials. A written or more detailed opinion will take more time to prepare and will have a higher cost than an informal/verbal legal opinion. The amount of time required by the lawyer to provide you with a legal opinion will vary and depends upon the unique facts and complexity of your case and a review of ongoing legal proceedings, caselaw, applicable legislation or statues.

Before providing a legal opinion, we will provide you with a quote and require payment in advance. The fee for a legal opinion starts at $500.00.

5. Legal / Lawyer Check Ups

A legal / lawyer check up can offer peace of mind if you already have a lawyer or are involved in an ongoing legal matter. Check ups can help ensure that your legal matter is on the best possible path and that your lawyer (if applicable) is handling your matter as efficiently as possible. Check ups are especially helpful if you are self-represented and are uncertain about the next steps. There are no “strings attached” to legal/lawyer check ups and no further commitment is expected or required from you. Our check up report can be provided to you either in person or by email.

The fee for a legal/lawyer check up is on based upon either an hourly rate or a block fee, and will depend upon how complex your matter is. Once we know more about your situation, we will provide you with an advance quote for your legal /lawyer check up. We require payment of our fee in full in advance.

6. Paralegal Services

A paralegal is a legal assistant who has training in the preparation of legal documents. A paralegal can have experience in family, civil, and wills / estate matters and litigation. A paralegal is able to address basic questions that you may have about your legal matter and the legal process, and can assist you in preparing your documents. A paralegal cannot however provide you with legal advice.

If you are representing yourself and need help preparing legal documents, our paralegal may be able to assist you.

Paralegal services are offered on a limited basis and are billed at a starting rate of $100.00 per hour.

*Due to client conflict considerations, we reserve the right to decline to provide services.

What do I need to do to hire or retain your firm?

When you retain The People's Corner Law Office you will receive a detailed letter setting out our fee arrangement, what you are hiring us to do, and how payments can be made. We want you to understand what we are doing for you, about our fees and payment options, and what to expect.

Before we start work or provide legal advice on your matter, you will need to:

1) Read and sign our Retainer Agreement (which is specifically tailored to your file, and which outlines these and other key information that you need to know);

2) Provide valid photo identification and current contact information for your file;

3) Sign Authorization to allow us to access personal information (if needed during your case) and make payment by credit card (if applicable) and;

4) Pay your Initial Retainer.

We accept Interac E-Transfers, cash, cheques, debit card, and credit cards, for payments of Retainer and on Accounts.

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