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Michelle Laham Szutiak

Lawyer & Notary Public

Michelle was called to the Manitoba Bar in 1999 and has practiced extensively in the areas of family and civil litigation, wills & estates, and real estate. She has practiced at both small and large-size law firms, acted as a staff family lawyer for Legal Aid Manitoba, and was a founding partner at a local wills and estates law firm. In September of 2014, Michelle was determined to “do law differently” and established The People’s Corner Law Office.

Michelle’s varied and diverse litigation experience has instilled a commitment to efficient and effective advocacy, strong leadership for clients during difficult emotional times, and an appreciation for the enduring nature of family relationships. She has extensive experience in family law - and knows how to steer effectively through divorce, separation, child and spousal support, custody, guardianship, and child protection issues that range from amicably-negotiated settlements to hotly contested motions and trials. She also has experience in civil and estates matters, including; applying for probate, appointing /removing executors, challenging wills and pursuing breach of trust by attorneys/ trustees. She has appeared in the Manitoba Court of Appeal several times.

In 2017, Michelle established The People's Corner Legal Options, with a view to helping people get reliable information early, and to make good legal choices for their family. As a public educator for more than 27 years, Michelle designed a variety of products ( including convenient On-Line Modules and in-person seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions) that offer direction, resources, and help so that people avoid common pitfalls such as: not mediating with a lawyer, alienating children, engaging in high conflict communications, and struggling with a host of parenting and other legal-related issues. Michelle's goal is to make a difference and to do law differently!

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