Help for Self-Reps

The People’s Corner Law Office offers legal assistance to people who are representing themselves.

We also provide notary and commissioner services – when you need Affidavits
and other Court documents witnessed.

We can help you!

We can:

  • Help you understand the law, your rights, and our court system;
  • Assist you with preparing and filing your legal documents;
  • Provide advice on specific legal issues and court procedure;
  • Notarize Affidavits and other important / Court documents.

We offer a variety of fee for service options to meet your legal needs and budget, including: consultations, legal & second opinions, and limited scope retainers (for only specific legal tasks). For more information see “FEE OPTIONS”

If you do not require legal advice, but simply need help understanding your rights, our courts, or where to start with your legal matter, please visit our legal information and training company The People’s Corner Legal Options, at our website or by calling (204)806-9998.

*Due to client conflict considerations, we reserve the right to decline to provide services.

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